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Cats and Dog



Tribble was simultaneously an absolute dear and a monstrous thug of a cat! He had a very loud voice, and was responsible for most of the loud cat fights at 2am, much to my embarrassment. He came from a local cat rescue, but had a very high opinion of himself, and let everybody know it. He never wanted the food put down for him, always what WE were eating instead, consequently he liked fruit cake, custard, chips with tomato ketchup, curry, pizza, malt loaf, cheese......although he wasn't averse to the odd mouse either. Indeed, I will always retain the vision of Tribble dragging an entire stolen pizza off across the lounge floor. The poor old dog, Bruno, was in fear of him, even though several times his size. Tribble only had to squint at him, and he'd get off the sofa to let the cat sleep in comfort.

Tribble was named after the creatures in Star Trek, who ate a lot, and did his best to live up to his name, whilst at the same time making sure that all the local moggies knew at heart he was really "Killer Deathfang" or some such name. He was lively, active, and top cat of the neighbourhood until he was 14, when he died after surgery for an accident. I am sure mother cats still threaten their kittens to be good "or Tribble will come and get you......" and I think he'd have been happy with this memorial.




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