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Arts and Crafts

Unusually for a doctor, I studied Art to A-Level, and I still enjoy a whole range of arts and crafts when I have the time. I enjoy drawing, design, painting in water colours and acrylics, embroidery, knitting, photography and am even learning metalwork with a view to doing some sculpture.

Here are a few of my paintings and designs. I hope to add more in the future, as well as some photos of new paintings, sculpture and embroidery.

Watercolour painting of Carreg Samson in Pembrokeshire A watercolour painting of a disused quarry in the Peak District
A watercolour of Los Roques in the Mt Teide National Park, Tenerife The view from my hotel during a stay in Tenerife
A more abstract painting in watercolour and crayon A painting of an approaching storm in the Peak District
A painting of poppies that I did for my Mum And a painting of a town in Majorca
A seascape of Majorca, given as a present to some friends An acrylic painting of a sunset in Zakynthos
A painting of mountains and river A more abstract painting of a face
The grave of John Little in the Peak District - in oil pastel A more abstract flower paining, in acrylics
A greeting card design Another Christmas design in water colour and oil pastel
A painting of Magnolia And another water colour of a peacock butterfly
A painting in crayon and oil pastel  
Another Christmas design in oil pastel and crayon  
Another Christmas design in oil pastel and crayon  





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