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Cats and Dog


My Cats and Dog

I have always loved cats, ever since I was a small child, when, to the annoyance of my parents and every other visitor to our house, I had an imaginary ginger cat as a companion. This imaginary cat would always be sitting where they wanted to sit.

Unfortunately my father didn't love cats, so cat ownership started a bit later in life. We did finally persuade Dad to have a cat, but Ginger was never much of an indoor cat, and he finally succumbed to an infection when we were unable to catch him to take him to the vets.

After Dad died, and I as away at University, we wanted a pet to keep Mum company. We set off to buy a dog, and came home rather surprised, with a rather runty tabby kitten in a basket. This was Kipper, a rather paranoid moggie, followed a couple of years later by Tribble, who had a very high opinion of himself. Shortly after that, Louise arrived - a cat left to me by an elderly patient. She was elderly and rather depressed, but we made her last few years of life happy and comfortable.

After moving to the Midlands, I got a lovely Irish Setter, called Bruno. He was very hard work to look after, but the softest and most loving dog you'd ever like to meet.

Until recently we hade three cats, Sprocket, Willoughby and Shadow Silverpaws, known as Squeaker for obvious reasons if you ever heard her talk. Sprocket is the intelligent one, and loves "helping" in the garage. Willoughby is a bit simple, and sleeps almost all the time but is also very friendly. Squeaker is the spoilt baby, and struts around like a dumb blonde, but is also a sensitive and friendly cat once she gets to know you. Sprocket passed away in October 2006, and in June 2007 we gave a home to two adorable little kittens, Ozzy and Cindy.

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