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Cats and Dog


Squeaker (officially Shadow Silverpaws)

Squeaker is a small female cat that I acquired as a tiny kitten late in 1997.  She was delivered by next door's children, trembling with fear, and I spent the whole night cuddling her in a chair to make her feel at home. She is really cute and feminine, and considering she came from a farm as a feral kitten, has a very high opinion of herself.  She is black with a little white front and paws, hence Shadow Silverpaws. However she has a tiny and squeaky voice, and the name Squeaker has stuck. She treats us to whole long sentences of squeaks as she tries to explain what she's been up to, and complain about how slow we are with the food!

She is scared of everything and everybody, but particularly for some reason, scared of trousers - not when people are wearing them, but when we are hanging them up or washing them. She has to run away from scary trousers. She isn't sociable with new people, but when she gets to know them she is a complete tart - she's anybody's for a head rub. She also loves to flirt with the local tom cats. She walks over the floor with a little tippity-tappity of her claws on the floor, and generally behaves like a dumb blonde. Her cute paws mean she gets away with much more than she should.

She is a very good hunter, providing me with a never-ending supply of dead mice - the record was three in one day, and she has also had rats, to the consternation of our cleaner.  She loves dear old Willoughby, and they often sleep curled up together in a heap, and chase each other through the house with enough noise to convince me they are a herd of elephants, rather than two small moggies.

For someone so vain, she is remarkably resistant to having her photo taken, and in consequence we don't have many good photos of her.


Squeaker, looking pleased with herself, as always

Being a tart - anybody's for a head rub

A rare moment - all three cats on one bed - Willoughby, Squeak and Sprocket

squeaker on the bidet!

A strange fascination for the bidet!


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Last updated June 25, 2007


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