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I don't have any photos of Louise.

Louise was one of 17 cats owned by Alice, one of my patients during my Geriatric Medicine attachment in South London. When Alice was dying, she was concerned about the welfare of her cats, and I offered to give a home to one of them for her. I visited her little house which was full of cats, and where she had evidently spent much more on cat food than on food for herself.

Louise reached out and caught my coat with her paw, and gave me such a pleading look, I couldn't but choose her. She was a moggie - mainly white with tabby patches, and quite long fluffy hair. I took her home where she was obviously very depressed by the death of her owner. She walked around dragging her tail, and was suffering from ear mite, and was clearly quite elderly herself.

Eventually, with a lot of loving care and attention she got better, and became a happy little cat, skipping along and chasing after the rather surprised local Tom cats. She lived with my Mum after I moved to the Midlands, and had a happy and indulged last two years of life. She was the first female cat I'd ever owned, and she was quite special.


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