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Cats and Dog



Kipper was my first cat, a paranoid schizophrenic of a cat who came from the RSPCA. He came as a bit of a surprise because we went out to buy a dog. When we got him home, he shot out of the box behind the boiler and didn't come out for ages. He was very loyal, and very protective of Mum. He wasn't very intelligent, but tried very hard to please us.

Out little kitten grew into a beautiful tabby and white cat with a pale apricot undercoat. But he was terrified of everything, particularly the dustbin men, and hid behind the sofa or under the duvet for at least a day before they came. Sometimes he would go all bristly and follow something totally invisible to the human eye across the room. He didn't like going out much and tried to keep as close to the house as possible. Indeed, it took us ages to convince him to go out, rather than using the litter tray. He loved us dearly. Sadly, one day he just went out for a walk and disappeared.....



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