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Doc Sarah's Motorcycle Pages


Doc Sarah's Motorcycle Pages

Yes, it really is me....

My first bike was a Honda 90, acquired to get me as cheaply as possible from home to Medical School in 1980. This bike lasted until I was given a car, but I had by then developed a deep love for motorised two-wheeled transport. Busy house officer and junior hospital posts followed, and I was without a bike again until 1995, when the journey across Birmingham was becoming more and more tedious, and parking ever more difficult.

I'd never bothered to take my test in 1980 - you didn't need to in those days. But I had to take a test to go on the A38(M) motorway, and duly passed at my first attempt in 1995. Initially my plan was to get a small workhorse bike to commute, but I gradually got more and more into biking, and the size of my bike grew from an SR125 to a Yamaha R1 (1000cc). It also introduced me to a whole new social life with bike clubs, weekend blasts, touring, get-togethers and the glorious experience of track days, to which I am now completely addicted.

I'd certainly recommend a track day, and particularly a track school to any motorcyclist as a way of finding out what your bike is capable of in a relatiely safe and controlled environment. I'd also recommend regular advanced motorcycle training on the road - you need it!

My bike is used for everything - commuting, touring, weekends away, Saturday blasts, track school and track days. I simply can't envisage being without a bike - it is truly part of my life.

Please follow the links on the left, or below, to read more about my motorcycling exploits.

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Quick Quacks Motorcycle Club I help to run this club for doctors and dentists who ride motorcycles. We have a great deal of fun hooning about the country twice a year at our meetings. This site also contains our newsletters which have quite a few interesting articles. Check them out!
Ixion Ixion has been likened to a bunch of bikers chatting down the pub, only we do it by e-mail instead. It is much more than an e-mail discussion list. Check us out!
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