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Track Day Photographs

Track days are brilliant. A chance to see what your bike will do without worrying about pedestrians, traffic, speed cameras, muck spreaders, tractors, caravans and all the other hazards associated with riding on the public road. My first foray onto the track was in 1999 at Cadwell Park, and I have done a load of other track events since then. A confirmed slow group rider, the R1 was a revelation to me, and moved me to the brink of the intermediate group when I took it out for the first time at Ixion@Cadwell 2002. It was clear that I needed more training to make the most of this bike on the track, and we did levels 1 and 2 of the California Superbike School at Cadwell in 2003. This made a dramatic difference to my speed, and at the next Ixion@Cadwell 2003, I had clearly sped up to be one of the faster riders in the intermediate group. At Rockingham, I finally got my knee down on the R1 and felt I had arrived in terms of track riding. Roll on 2004, Superbike School level 3, and more track days.

From the small selection below, I think you can see how my riding has improved over the years! Please click on the thumbnail to see all the photos from each track event.

Rockingham - August 2003 Rockingham - June 2003 California Superbike School - June 2003
September 2002 - Quick Quacks do Cadwell Ixion@Cadwell 2002 Ixion@Cadwell 2000
Mallory August 1999 Ladies Only Cadwell July 1999 Cadwell May 1999


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