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Rockingham - August 2003

The end of the long hot summer of 2003 - a whole day at Rockingham. We didn't realise that the Ducati Sporting Club would turn up en masse, but it was good fun dicing with them in a very speedy intermediate group. Amanda, Adam, Russell and a few other Ixies turned up for this one, too. It started off a bit "crashy", but the guys soon calmed down, and we had a great day out.

The best bit of all was getting my knee down. I heard a scrape and wondered if something was falling off the bike, so I picked it up and ran off onto the grass, only to find it had been my knee, and I had a lovely scraped knee slider. After all these years, and in the first session too! Pretty soon I was sliding left and right knees with ease. What a day!

Please click on the thumbnail to see the full picture

Being pursued - here I'm close to knee down And here from behind A close-up - I still feel I look a bit girly on the bike, but it isn't a bad photo...
This is more aggressive And again, looking mean Through the hairpin and out, and you can hardly see me I'm so far off the bike!
A side view Both of us at the hairpin Stephen looking purposeful
Another great shot of Stephen Stephen getting some instruction at the hairpin  


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