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The Ixion two-day track-fest is always huge fun. Two whole days in the company of a lot of friends on the Cadwell full circuit, followed by a lot of beer. This was the first time that Stephen had accompanied me to a track day, and he was completely hooked on the idea of track riding. He also gave me a lot of really good advice on how to speed up based on his rallying experience, and it worked! First track outing for VFR400 number 2.

Again, you need to click on the thumbnail to see the photos. There are a lot of photos of my friends here too.

Going up the Mountain And again, all alone on the Mountain Looking a bit more animated at Mansfield
Gradual improvements at the Hairpin Again, and a bit more cranked over. The footpegs were sparking here! Another picture of me with Russell in pursuit
On the Mountain straight Amanda at the hairpin And on the mountain straight with bike-cam in the tank bag
Helen on the Mountain straight And at the hairpin Chris, Helen and Amanda all on the Mountain straight
Chris could wheelie like this lap... ..after lap. And he was still going faster than everybody else! Chris doing Foggy impersonations at the Hairpin
Chris at the Hairpin again.    



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