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Having missed out due to work in 2001, I was determined to make the most of Cadwell 2002. Stephen's first track day on the VFR400 number 2, and mine on the R1. This was huge fun, and my first wheelie set the tone for the improvements we made during the event. Not so many photos here, as we were both riding in the same group.

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Yayyy! My first ever wheelie recorded on film Does my bum look big in this - I clearly have to work on my hanging-off style a bit! At the hairpin - I'm not about to get swamped, I've just overtaken that lot, honest!
Again at the hairpin. And at Mansfield Stephen at the hairpin
And at Mansfield Why does he always look more aggressive than me? Another great one. Oh yes, and the gaffer tape was a pain to get off coz he left the lights on! Another shot of Stephen at the hairpin, this time without a cone coming out of his head :-)
Stephen on the throttle out of Mansfield    



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