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California Superbike School Levels 1 and 2 - Cadwell, June 2003

This is THE superbike school to do if you are interested in track riding, and in particular if you are interested in racing. With clients such as James Toseland in their portfolio, these guys really can teach you to go round corners well. We opted to do levels 1 and 2 on successive days at Cadwell Park in June 2003, and boy was it worth the money and time. A series of graded exercises have you going faster very quickly indeed, and give you skills to enable you to do it at any track. The improvement over the course of the two days was amazing, and at the next Ixion@Cadwell2003 (no picutures, I'm afraid), we both moved easily into the intermediate group, and were still overtaking people who'd been overtaking me for years. We have level 3 planned for June 2004 and then watch out, fast group, here we come!

Please click on the thumbnail to view the full image. Please also visit the California Superbike School web site.

Charlies on Day 1 - not too bad, but improving all the time
Mansfield on Day 1
And again, Mansfield on Day 1
And Mansfield on Day 2 - look how my body position has improved on the bike
Charlies on Day 2 - going faster than before even 'though it is raining
Mansfield on Day 2 - I didn't get it right all the time. Here I'm much too wide
Going up the Mountain
And through Hall Bends on Day 2
Stephen on Day 1 at Charlies
A good close-up of Stephen, who looks much more focused than me
Another good close-up , this time at Hall Bends
And at Mansfield on Day 2 - looking much more aggressive and at home on the bike
Yes, it's a wheelie. Stephen's first recorded on film!



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