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Our Wedding


Our Wedding - 13th April 2003

What an amazing day. We got so involved in the planning of our special day we didn't actually think you could enjoy it. But we did have a wonderful time. Please click on the thumbnails below to see larger versions of the photos. For photos from the honeymoon in Mauritius, please click here.

The boys - it isn't really a mafia convention, just the four Briggs brothers Andrew and Joanna , Stephen's nephew and neice. Joanna is one of the bridesmaids Clare and Luke, Stephen's nephew and our page Signing on the dotted line We were all enjoying ourselves here
It was truly a happy day - the four Briggs brothers, Tonya and Joanna the bridesmaids, Luke our page and Rick, Sarah's cousin Another happy group Waving at everybody And doing the can-can with Rick getting very well stuck in Sarah, Stephen and his Mum
Clare with her daughter Jen, Jen's fiance Christian and Clare's son Steve The R1 made a starring appearance Stephen was holding Sarah on the bike here as her dress was slippery Confetti - they all seemed to be enjoying throwing this over us! More confetti
Aahh...just to two of us...        



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