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Ozzy and Cindy (Cinderella)

June 2007, and we were feeling that the house needed livening up a bit. We missed dear little Sprocket so much - she was always such a lively little cat, and much as we love Willoughby and Squeaker, they do spend rather a lot of time asleep. There had been so much loss over the last year - we had each lost a cousin, we lost Sprocket and then I lost my Mum. We felt it was time for some new life.

Enter Grendon cat rescue. Lots of kittens needing homes, and a neighbour who felt we needed some kittens from them. We were persuaded to go and visit some tiny little kittens, barely 4 weeks old, nearby in Atherstone.

Oh dearie me! How cute were they? Mum was ginger, and had 5 kittens - two ginger, one blue-cream tortie, one blue and one cream. Making a choice was difficult, and it was clear that two of the little kittens were very attached to each other. So, at the end of June we brought Cindy (a blue-cream female with a little dot of pink on her nose), and Ozzy (a cream male) home with us. Cindy is very, very lively and inquisitive. Ozzy was stillborn and had to be revived and is really very much more laid back. He follows Cindy everywhere.

Why Ozzy and Cindy? Well, when we were bringing them home, they were a bit distressed in the cat carrier until some heavy rock came on the radio, which they seemed to like. So, Ozzy Osborne and Cyndi Lauper (because Girls Just Wanna Have Fun, and she does).

These are some photos of them at their foster home aged 6 1/2 weeks. More will follow as they grow and develop.

Sad news: March 9th 2009, we were on holiday skiing. Our neighbours and Stephen's brother were coming in several times a day to make fuss of the cats. Unfortunately Cindy was found lying on the floor not moving. She had been hit by a car and suffered catastrophic injuries and was paralysed. The vet felt these injuries could not be treated and we had to take the difficult decision by phone from France to have her put to sleep. She is buried by her favourite pond. Ozzy is quite lost without her - she was the life and soul of the household, running horizontally round the walls and generally leaving everybody exhausted by her energy. We miss her very much. Ozzy lives on - he is now 20 months old, and he is absolutely enormous, eats a huge amount, he is a gentle giant, one of the softest cats I've ever known. You can pick him up like a baby and cuddle him. Every day we see his twin sister when we look at him, so she lives on in her brother.

Dottie and Biscuit Dottie and Biscuit

Update: 25th June 2007. They are now 8 weeks old and have been with us for just 3 days. They are really getting to grips with their new home. Living in our bedroom, but let out to explore under supervision, they are really growing stronger and bigger. They are launching themselves around the place with great enthusiasm, keeping themselves amused, but also getting used to us - we've had some cuddles and purrs. They particularly like a little goldfish on the end of a stick to play with, but also quite like shoelaces, the litter tray, and playing pouncy games on the duvet. They also like the cat tunnel/bed that I bought for them.

Here are a few more photos:-

Grr - pick pick.  Little tiger!
Grr! Pick Pick. Our little tiger Ozzy tries to shred the edge of the rug. We have our tin openers well trained - Cindy being finger fed from the Wiskas packet
Gotcha Mr Goldfish! I know what that is!
So...Mr Bond (or was that Mr Goldfish), we meet again. Cindy demonstrates her hunting skills We all know about cat food. Cindy taking a lick from the packet.
What a mucky nose! Sniff Sniff
Oops, my nose is a bit mucky! The perils of getting your beeper in a bowl of cat food. Ozzy really needs to clean up a bit. I think I know this person. I am training him.
That's another kitten in that mirror! Yum Yum Lick Lick
Hey! That's another kitten just like me in that mirror! And he's pulled all the washing down from the clothes horse too! Cindy shows her appreciation for the culinary offerings of the day.
I'm going to get her - getting a bead on my sister And so to Bed - tired little kitties
I'm going to get her. Ozzy getting a bead on his sister. About to pounce. The trainer is a size 5 (38), so they are still really tiny. Two very tired little kitties asleep in a heap.
grey cat on a grey towel - completely camouflaged nobody can see me
A grey cat on a grey towel - excellent camouflage! Another perfect camouflage, a great vantage point to pounce on my brother
My mouse! Cindy ready to pounce
Don't even think about taking this mouse off me Cindy ready to pounce on Ozzie
A hard night keeping the tin openers awake, we now need a lot of sleep Trying to ignore them
After a hard night keeping their tin openers awake, two little kittens really do need a lot of sleep Poor old Squeaker trying to ignore the carnage as they play under her bed.
It's not a waste bin, it's a cat toy Oz going in bin
Ozzie contemplates another new cat toy - the wastepaper bin. I could get in there!
I got in there Oz attacking bin
I got in there! Ozzie attacking the bin
Ozzie's mouse Mice aren't as fun as clothes horses
I got a mouse too Clean washing? - not for long!
Two kittens, one foot, one bin, great game A couple of weeks on....
Two kittens, one toe, one bin, great game!  
getting bigger and a taste for sleeping on laps! kitty love
Getting a taste for sleeping on my lap - taken with my mobile phone, so not such a good photo. Cindy isn't strangling Ozzy, but they do like to sleep cuddled up together
creative sleeping part 1 Ozzy on the threshold
Creative sleeping part 1 - you'd be amazed where they can get and how contorted the sleeping position! Ozzy on the threshold. Aged 13 weeks, taking his first look at the outside world
Cindy finds her first bee Cindy in strawberry patch
It's a bee! Cindy finds her first bee in the garden Cindy investigats the strawberries
Cindy in rhubarb Two little tails
Cindy in the rhubarb patch - a little grey hunter Two little tails - the Kittens of Borg explore the decking
Ozzy and Cindy on garage step Ozzy on the step
Ozzy and Cindy on the garage step - Cindy is about to pounce on Ozzy's tail Little kitten in a big world - Ozzy surveys the garden from the garage step
Ozzy on the step again Cindy surveys
A World full of interesting smells Cindy surveys her new domain
What was that? Poor little bedraggled kitten
What was that? First experience of a bird flying past, and both very interested Oh dear me - Cindy has discovered she can swim. The aftermath of a dunk in the pond.
A very damp kitten Cindy being dried
Cindy is very damp - heading for a towelling-off Cindy being dried.
Cindy damp again Ozzy in the apple tub
Another damp cat view - lucky it was a sunny day and she dried out quickly. Ozzy stayed dry, but had a couple of excursions up a tree. Here he is exploring a little apple tree in a tub

Age nearly 17 weeks

- a vertical adventure!

Up we go - the start of the adventure
  Up we go! The start of our adventure up the plum tree
Two terrors in a tree The target of our attention
Two terrors in a tree - we made it to the first branch The object of our attention at the bottom left of the picture - the bird seed feeder!
Ozzy hangs on Bothering the birds
Ozzy hangs on - it's quite technical, this tree climbing business! The seed feeder comes in for more attention, this time from Cindy
Ozzy plays with a slug Ozzy resting in rhubarb
We made it back down again - Ozzy plays with a slug It's all been very exhausting - Ozzy resting in the rhubarb. Cindy is still moving too fast to be photographed!
Cindy in the strawberry tub Ozzy makes a hammock from the old tractor roof
Aged 20 weeks now, and becoming young cats. Cindy finds she can only just fit in the strawberry tub that she could easily curl up in only a few weeks ago. Ozzy finds out that the old tractor roof makes a really good hammock
Ozzy and Willoughby on the sofa Ozzy and Willoughby on the sofa again
Ozzy and Willoughby asleep together on the sofa. Willoughby is ginger, Ozzy is cream - you can see the difference. Both seem to be a bit snoozy though! Proof that the older cats can get to quite like the little 'uns!
Cuddles on the plant stand Cuddles on plant stand
Cuddles on the plant stand - a favourite snoozing place for the little ones We're getting so big we don't quite fit, but it doesn't stop us trying
Cyndi on the plant stand My sister makes a good pillow
This picture captures Cyndi's personality beautifully. She's just so inquisitive My sister makes a pretty good pillow!
Scrounging - not being good kittens Successful scrounge results in milk
Not being good kittens and making Stephen's breakfast really rather uncomfortable... But it works! We got our milk!
Ozzy in 2009 - a magnificent and very soft cat Ozzy in the hen house
Ozzy sitting on the roof of our shed in 2009 - he is a very magnificent, very large and extremely soft cat! Ozzy should not be in the hen house - but he is! Here he is emerging from the roosting area into the nest box
Ozzy in hen house Ozzy in hen house
I think he hopes I hadn't noticed he was in there! Checking out the eglu door - the chickens were not impressed!
Ozzy in hen house  
The chickens just realised what was happening, and had poor little Ozzy cornered!  





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