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This little bike was slated in the biking press, but I think it is perfect for a beginner, particularly if that beginner is only 5ft 1 1/2 (158cm). It is the right kind of bike to get confidence on before moving to something where getting a toehold on the ground is more difficult. A kind of girlie custom/drag-racer style of bike, it has a revvy twin engine making 27bhp.  It is a good starter bike, and can cope well with commuting.  It was up to the odd 300 mile round trip when needed. 
Good points 

  • Clutch light and smooth
  • Gearbox six speed, smooth, reliable
  • Revvy engine gave it a bit more excitement than most customs
  • Totally reliable

Bad points 

  • Variable tickover rate made it a pain, and it was hard to access the tickover screw . I since found out that this is a Kawasaki trait.
  • Small tank capacity
  • Relatively low ground clearance, but not bad for a custom
  • Cleaning it!!!
  • Unfaired so limited top speed, even if the engine would take it over 80mph!



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