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Yamaha SR125

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I never got a photo of mine, so I'm cheating by showing a photo of Stephen on his SR125 - he'd passed his CBT and theory test, but needed some more practice, so we got this for him to learn on. Needless to say within a few weeks of getting the bike, he was shaping up to be a better rider than me, scraping the footpegs around the twisties.

What can I say about the bike? It does what it says on the packet really - it sort of goes, sort of brakes, sort of changes gear and has an excellent steering lock and nice light weight making it difficult to drop during the interminable U-turn practice. It really is a capable bike for a learner, and teaches you the basics. It doesn't really pretend to do anything else, and it doesn't.

Stephen's model has press to cancel indicators, an upgrade to the basic indicator package on my bike. However it still has an irritating choke that you can't work as the bike goes along, and a very silly steering column lock. The gearbox is clunky but at least you know when you've changed gear, and after a big bike, the throttle doesn't seem to do much, although it actually is quite nippy in town traffic. We've had it up to 55mph, and then it runs out of steam, and Stephen's had it qite craked over on roundabouts.

SR125 with happy new owner and compulsory L-plates

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