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Useful Links

These are links I have found useful in teaching or practice. Links about cystic fibrosis are on another page.

Online Medical Dictionary - brief definition of medical terminology
Medical Glossary mainly for a lay reader, but concise and easy to read
Information about key medical conditions - the basics of key medical conditions
An overview of the National Health Service
A glossary of health-care terms and abbreviations (UK)
The NHS Explained - a simple glossary from the NHS web site
Kent and Medway Glossary - includes health and healtcare terms
Essex Mental Health Services - glossary of terms, particularly relating to mental health

Statistics and Epidemiology
Statsoft - online statistics textbook - comprehensive but sometimes complicated
Inferential statistics - another online text
Research Methods Knowledge Base
Sampling - a tutorial
Qualitative Research in Healthcare - online textbook from BMJ
Surfstat - an good, basic Australian-based online statistics course
Rice Virtual Laboratory in Statistics - online text, case studies, interactive demonstrations
Lecture notes from Colorado University (some suitable for Further Epi and Stats, some for Basic)
Lecture notes and handouts on statistics from University of Manchester - some better than others, useful guide to picking the correct test.
Lecture notes on Clinical Epidemiology and Medical Statistics from King's College London - quite comprehensive
SCHARR course on statisics using SPSS
List of statistics programs - some are quite useful particularly StatTutor and StatsHelpFile
Summarising and Presenting Quantitative Data - powerpoint presentation
Introduction to Statistics - complete course
Introduction to Non-Parametric Statistics - complete course
TRIAGE statistics index
TRIAGE epidemiology index
Statistics for the non-statistician - papers one and two from the BMJ
Statistics Revision Course - actually quite detailed
A few useful short statistics handouts from UMDS (good on sample size and power and presenting data)
Cochrane Collaboration - online learning material all about systematic reviews and meta-analysis

Health Information
NHS Information Authority
Online course on health informatics
NHS Coding and Classification Centre
Hospital Episode Statistics Online
Wellcome Trust article on health statistics on the web
Wellcome Trust Newsletter - Health Information on the Internet
Essay on history of compting in the NHS
National Electronic Library for Health
ERDIP programme
Project Connect
Exeter system homepage
National Database of Telemedicine Projects

The Internet
Guide to critically evaluating internet resources
Free Medline services through Healthgate, Infotrieve, Grateful Med, PubMed, Medscape
BMJ article on the NHS Net
BMJ collection of articles on the Worldwide Web
Collected articles on Worldwide Web from other journals
BMJ issue March 2002 about health information on the internet
A free tutorial on how to use the Internet - for allied health professionals. This is part of a suite of internet tutorials aimed at a variety of professions - for a list of all tutorials see the RDN Virtual Training Site

Online sources of data
DoH Online Statistics
Electronic International Classification of Disease
WHOSIS - World Health Organisation Statistical Data
Health and personal social statistics, England
Statstore - downloadable health and social datasets
NHS Performance Indicators - downloadable data sets
Downloadable Hospital Episode Statistics data
Hospital activity data - by Region and NHS Trust
Neighbourhood statistics - interactive stats on the ONS site
Office for National Statistics - home page
Key Health Data for the West Midlands - collection of key health data for year 2000
MAIGIS - online geographical information system and mapping package for West Midlands
SE Public Health Observatory - has online information for HA's from the SE including CCHI
SW Public Health Observatory - has online information for HA's from the SW

Demography, population and determinants of health
UK Census 2001 Page - aimed at the public but has copies of forms and links to history of Census
US Census Bureau - Worldwide popluation data and population pyramids, searchable interactive downloadable databases
Essay on World Population
Major social determinants of health
Course on Key Concepts in Epidemiology and Statistics - from UMDS, useful lecture notes
Fetal determinants of adult disease (The Barker Hypothesis) - editorial review in the Irish Medical Journal
The Solid Facts - Social Determinants of Health (pdf) - report for WHO Europe
Acheson Report - Inequalities in Health
Social determinants of health in Europe - excellent essay
Web Population Index - useful links to worldwide population data
IntlPop and HumPop - software to simulate population changes
United Nations Population Database
Report on health issues for mid-life and older women - useful information but rather a cranky site

Critical appraisal
User Guides to the Medical Literature - guides to critical appraisal
How to Read a Paper - online book from the BMJ
TRIAGE Evidence Based Medicine directory
TRIAGE Systematic Reviews directory
TRIAGE Critical Appraisal directory

Qualitative Research Methods
BMJ publication on qualitative research
Qualitative methods in Health Research (pdf)- document from NIH
Qualitative research methods - briefing for managers from NELH

Epi-Info - analytic software
Some free public health software - I haven't checked all these, but some look useful.
Stats Direct

Other useful links
The NHS Plan
Department of Health Home Page
TRIAGE Gateway to online resources
Independent enquiry into inequalities in health
NHS Direct
The History of the NHS - from official NHS web site
Chronology of development of Health and Welfare Services - 1066 to 1999
How the NHS Works - directly from the NHS web site, a guide to structure and function

Environmental Health

Environmental health online educational material - index and good resources
Communicating about risks to public health - DOH report
Independent expert group on mobile phones - report
National air quality information archive - data archive for your area
Collected evidence on health effects of powerlines, static electromagnetic fields and mobile phone base stations
Environmental Health Perspectives - online journal
Hazardous Substances and Public Health - online journal from ATSDR
Online NIOSH Guide to Chemical Hazards - CDC
USEPA Handbook on Air Pollutants
Poor housing and ill health - summary of research evidence by Scottish Office
Health Evidence Bulletins Wales - Environmental Health
Environmental Risk Assessment and Management - DETR Guidance

Systematic review of effects of housing improvement on health - from the BMJ

Government Departments and Agencies
Environment Agency

Health and Safety Executive
Food Standards Agency
National Radiological Protection Board - information about all kinds of radiation hazards
International Commission on Radiological Protection
International Atomic Energy Authority
National Physical Laboratory - Ionising Radiation
Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs
Pesticides Safety Directorate
Scottish Environmental Protection Agency
Department of Trade and Industry
The Countryside Agency
Department of Transport, Local Government and Regions
DETR Environmental Protection Page
OFWAT - Office of independent water industry regulator
UNEP - United Nations Environmental Network (for a global perspective)
ATSDR - Agency for Toxic Substances and Disease Registry from CDC Atlanta
COMEAP - Committee on the Medical Effects of Air Pollution (many online reports here)
Housing and Health Safety Rating System
DTI Home Safety Network
RoSPA - lots of information on accidents
Summary of evidence on poor housing and ill health - from the Scottish Office
HEBW Bulletins on Healthy Environments - summaries of evidence from Health Evidence Bulletins Wales
Housing and Health Canada
IFH Home Hygiene site

COMEAP Documents
Overview of health effects of air pollution
Quantification of health effects of air pollution
Recent overview of long term health effects of air pollution
Asthma and outdoor air pollution
Non-biological particles and health
Investigation of alleged ill health due to industrial emissions
Economic appraisal of health effects of air pollution
Effect of open-cast mining on health

Communicable Disease

Getting Ahead of the Curve - CMO Report into Communicable Disease Function, January 2002
Center for Disease Control (Atlanta)
Public Health Laboratory Service - England and Wales surveillance data
CDSC Wales - as above but for Wales only
Food Standards Agency
Zoonoses Manual - American, but useful
Online medical advice for travellers
Emerging Infectious Diseases - Journal from CDC
Weekly Epidemiological Record - from WHO
Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report - from CDC
Infectious Disease Practice Guidelines - from IDSA
Rise of Antibiotic-Resistant Infections - from the US FDA
PHMEG guidance about head lice
NHS Flu immunisation site
WHO International Travel and Health
Wired for Health site - health information for schools, includes communicable disease and much more
Pathogen information site - from Health Canada
House of Lords report on Antimicrobial Resistance - 1998
Influenza activity for current season - from PHLS
Disease facts index - from PHLS, contains information and figures for communicable diseases
PHLS Guidelines Index - guidelines and factsheets
PHLS Facts and Figures about Legionella
Electronic CDR Weekly - Communicable Disease Report from PHLS is now available electronically
Communicable Disease and Public Health - quarterly journal from PHLS
Eurosurv - European surveillance report produced weekly and monthly
CDC Disease Factsheets - similar to the PHLS one but US-based
Campylobacter Infections - FactSheet from CDC Atlanta
Salmonella Infections - FactSheet from CDC Atlanta
Infection control nurses association
Chartered Institute of Environmental Health
Virology online - maintained by an enthusiast, a list of links
Association of Medical Microbiologists - includes publication factsheets about a wide range of conditions
Norfolk Health Authority - guidance on a very wide range of communicable disease topics
Dorset Health Authority - guidance and leaflets for the public
UK Meningitis Trust
InMed - Meningitis Trust Educational Web site - lot of resources and information about Meningitis
British Liver Trust (provides hepatitis information)
Travel Health Information Online
SMAC Report on antibiotic resistance - "The Path of Least Resistance" Long report with a lot of detail
House of Lords Report on antibiotic resistance - Long report provided as pdf file.
Immunisation.org.uk - facts about childhood immunisations aimed at patients and parents
FP Advisor - free database to allow you to determine likely causes of foodborne outbreaks based on various parameters

Tuberculosis Links
PHLS Tuberculosis Facts
MAFF Site on TB in Cattle
British Thoracic Society - online TB guidelines (plus stuff about smoking)
British Lung Foundation - lung disease links
EuroTB - European TB Surveillance, a WHO collaborating centre
WHO Global TB Site
International Union Against TB and Lung Disease
Report on Multi-Drug Resistant TB
National Tuberculosis Centre - lots of educational resources from University of Medicine and Dentistry, New Jersey (very good)
Tuberculosis Core Curriculum - from CDC


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