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Environmental Epidemiology

  • Studies of effects on health of point sources of environmental pollution in the West Midlands
  • Study of effects on respiratory and mental health of residence near to a major international airport
  • Study of health effects of living near a television mast
  • Study of effects on general and mental health of measured and perceived noise nuisance
  • Study of effect of poverty on extreme winter cold weather related mortality

Health Effects of Air Pollution

  • Study of effect on hospital admissions and mortality of short term changes in air pollution levels in the Birmingham area
  • Study of effect on respiratory function and symptoms of short term changes in air pollution in adults with asthma
  • Study of effect of fine particulates and acid aerosols on respiratory function and symptoms in schoolchildren with and without asthma
  • Study of effect of living near major roads on hospitalisation rates for asthma
  • Study of effects of winter weather types on hospital admissions for respiratory disease
  • Research students have undertaken projects looking at health effects of air pollution in Oxford, UK, and Bangkok, Thailand
  • Health effects of contaminated land (PhD student)
  • Effects of air pollution on case fatality rates in vulnerable cohorts (PhD student)

Cystic Fibrosis and other respiratory diseases

  • Survey of adults with cystic fibrosis to determine social and demographic characteristics and patterns of medical care (1990)
  • Similar survey in 1994 to determine changes in above factors
  • Study of adults with CF in 2000 to determine changes in the above, and to assess access to medical care, social security benefits and quality of life - all these surveys have resulted in a variety of publictions.
  • Study of access and availability to specialist services for patients with CF for the Clinical Standards Advisory Group in 1992 and 1995
  • Study of effects of air pollution in cystic fibrosis
  • Study of validity of Schwachmann clinical score in cohort of adults from 2000 to 2002
  • Systematic reviews for the Cochrane database on prophylactic antibiotics, inhaled corticosteroids and oral calorie supplements
  • Review of risks of cross-infection in health care workers with CF
  • Planned study of the use of the national CF data registry in evaluating differences in outcomes between clinical centres in the UK.

Other research

  • Survey of social and demographic characteristics and quality of life in patients with Inflammatory Bowel Disease



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