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Our Chickens

Our chickens and Eglu Cube arrived on 23rd October 2009. The bantams arrived on 8th August 2010.

Gwennie Megan Blodwyn
Gwennie - our first little chicken and real little sweetie, but can be a minx if she puts her mind to it. Megan - a bold chicken, first to check everything out and definitely the first to escape. Blodwyn - the top chicken and the most vocal! Always first to the food.
Three chickens enjoying drinking bowl    
All three chickens enjoying their temporary drinking bowl    
Ozzy learning about chickens Eglu end door  
Ozzy is learning about chickens! The Eglu Cube plus one run extension in our garden. The Eglu from the end - the door is big enough to walk in if you crouch - the whole thing is about 4ft high.  
Blodwyn in the fuchsias Gwennie on the Eglu  
Our first free range outing - Blodwyn checks out the fuchsias Gwennie shows us she can fly - on the roof of the Eglu  
Gwennie and Megan on the dustbin Stephen holding Gwennie  
Two nosy chickens - Gwennie and Megan have a look in the kitchen window from the top of the dustbin Stephen lifts a reluctant Gwennie back to the chicken run!  
Megan and Gwennie Beautiful Blodwyn  
Megan and Gwennie from behind - Megan's legs are crossed :-) Beautiful Blodwyn showing her lovely feathers  
Beautiful Megan Gwennie and Megan  
Lovely Megan investigating the camera Gwennie and Megan. Gwennie is a bit of a minx, really!  
Megan on roof of Cube Thank goodness for chicken wire  
Megan on the roof of the Cube Gwennie checks out the anti-escape precautions under the gate  
Up would be good What is this sitting down thing?  
Gwennie really, really wants to go up. She tried to fly into a bush a few seconds later! What is this sitting down thing? Is my chicken-feeding person broken?  
Laying siege to the back door Megan on garden bench  
Laying siege to the back door. I won't be allowed to leave without a chicky-treat! Megan on the garden chair  
Gwennie sunbathing Gwennie sunbathing  
Gwennie sunbathing - it's a hard life! What an expression - Gwennie sunbathing  
Blodwyn and Megan on the bench Blodwyn on garden table  
Megan and Blodwyn on the back of our garden bench Blodwyn on the garden table  
Cube in its new position Cube with bodged edging  
Building a new base for the cube - first of all the flower bed and tree had to go. Cube in its new position I forgot to order some parts for the edging, so had to bodge it a bit with cable ties. Here it is with bodged edging and Hemcore base  
Cube with new base and toys Megan having a mudbath!  
The interior, complete with chicken toys - some lovely logs to play on, and a new shallow trug as a dust bath. While I was building it, Megan had a mud bath. She turned herself into one of the muckiest chickens I've ever seen, but also one of the happiest!  
Chicken Base Completed Chicken Base Completed  
Chicken Base in position with proper edging and a gravel path round the outside. It is large gravel so doesn't get through the Eglu run very easily, and it is to the same depth as the bedding inside the run. Chicken Base from the other side - Gwennie is in the background. Just need some nice pansies to finish off now. Also going to make a little gravel path from the back door so I can do it all without getting muddy feet.  
Blodwyn's first egg Blodwyn's reward  
It finally happened - 21st November 2009, we looked in the nest box and Blodwyn had produced this lovely brown egg! Here she is getting her reward - some grapes!  
Chicken base with mezzanine Our first three-egg day!  
I built a suspended mezzanine for the chickens to enjoy from some old wood, a few brass hooks and some garden twine. It is hanging to the right of the cube ladder and door. On 30th November, all three girls laid an egg - Megan's first egg and one each from Blodwyn and Gwennie! Clever girls. Three eggs on the egg-skelter look great.  
The biggest egg ever! Chicken bottoms on compost heap  
Meggie's huge eggie - on the right. At 88 grammes, the largest we've had from our three girls. The others are normal eggs! Taken from the upstairs window, this is what they get up to! Scratching big holes in the compost heap.  
Chickens on compost heap Gwennie in the shed exploring the garlic  
They've dug themselves in so far you can only just see Gwennie's tail! Gwennie decided to explore the shed while I was scrubbing out the hen house - here she is in the tray of garlic I have left over from last year  
Gwennie behind the foodbins Stuck behing the bedding  
Gwennie then decided to explore the food bins in which I store the chicken food. One little chicken has got herself well stuck behind the bale of bedding I use for the nest box and run  
Gwennie behind the foodbins again Blodwyn in the snow  
Eventually she got unstuck by using her wing a bit like an arm to lever herself out. She's still interested in the food bins even though there is plenty of corn in her feeder in the chicken run. Blodwyn encounters snow for the first time - not really very impressed!  
Blodwyn and Megan in snow All three chickens in the snow  
Megan joins Blodwyn. There's nothing to eat!

Gwennie joins in. It was very easy to get them back into their run.
I don't think they really like the white stuff!

Megan and Gwennie having a mud bath Megan and Gwennie in a mud bath  
At last some sunshine in February - and a chance to have an all girls together dust bath! Don't they look happy!  
Megan and Gwennie in their dust bath Blodwyn in the February sun  
All cuddled up together enjoying the sunshine Blodwyn with her beautiful shiny feathers enjoying the February sun  
Blodwyn close-up Gwennie close up  
Close-up of Blodwyn with my new camera lens Gwennie's sweet little face in close-up  
Meggie close-up Megan's feathers  
Megan taken with my long zoom lens Megan's feathers taken with the macro lens  
Wind egg    
Gwennie laid a wind egg - here is a picture along with some normal-sized eggs    

Building the Walk-in-Run

Bob starts work moving the cube Cube has gone  
Bob the Builder starts to move the cube from its home The cube has gone!  
Cube on grass Bob starts to lay slabs  
The cube is now on the grass Bob starts to lay the slabs  
Nearly all done The finished base  
The slabs are nearly all laid The base is finished - ready for Lewis to build the run next week  
Walk in run WIR2  
Here is the Walk-in-Run (WIR) Complete with chicken! The cube fits beautifully into the corner  
Easy to get to from the back door A palace for chickens  
The view from our back door :-)    
The New Girls - The Bantam Babies    
Three bantie girls feeding Dilys  
The three bantie babies feeding - from the left, Deryn, Dilys and Gwladys. All about 10 weeks old give or take a week at the moment. Dilys - a lavender pekin bantam and top of the three at the moment  
Dilys Deryn  
Dilys again Deryn - a silver-laced wyandotte bantam  
Deryn Gwladys  
Deryn again Beautiful Gwladys - a frizzle silkie bantam. She does have eyes in there somewhere :-)  
Gwladys Gwladys  
Gwladys Gwladys again  
First bantie eggies    
The first bantam eggs - 25th September 2010. On the left, a massive double-yolker laid by Megan at 122grammes, in the middle a normal sized egg laid by Blodwyn at 78g and on the right two bantie eggs at 22 and 21 grammes - from Dilys!    
Blodwyn in the snow - December 2010 Bantams staying in the walk in run  
December 2010 - snow again. Blodwyn wonders why the ground has gone all white. The bantams have more sense - staying in the walk in run  
Chicken footprints    
Somewhere I think there is a chicken about!    

New Arrivals - January 2011

Cori and Elun Cori and Elun  
Meet Cori, the Cream Legbar (who should lay blue/green eggs) And Elun, the Cream Legbar Maran cross, who should lay olive eggs  
Cori and Elun Cori and Elun  
Cori and Elun just after their arrival Cori seems to hog the camera!  
Cori and Elun Cori and Elun  
Cori and Elun with Gwladys in the background Elun  
Cori and Elun Cori and Elun  
Cori Cori with a lovely old-fashioned look to the photo  
Cori and Elun Cori and Elun  
Cori is a supermodel - she loves the camera! Elun  
Chicken portrait Chicken portrait  
Deryn is a very handsome chook - silver laced wyandotte bantam Megan isn't looking her best with her moult, but she is trying to pose for the camera!  
Chicken portrait Chicken portrait  
Blodwyn Gwennie  
Chicken portrait Chicken portrait  
Elun is having a snooze in the afternoon She perked up a bit when she thought some mealworms were on offer!  
Chicken portrait Chicken portrait  
Cori is a real poseur, so this photo was given the supermodel soft focus treatment! I love her little top-knot Cori again  
Chicken portrait Chicken portrait  
Cori, showing her best side for the camera Cori again  
Chicken portrait Chicken portrait  
Dear little Gwladys, our frizzle silkie - there is a chicken in all that fluff somewhere, honestly! Here is little Gwladys - she is such a cuddly little girl  
Chicken portrait Chicken portrait  
Deryn, looking very fine Blodwyn  
Chicken portrait    
Little Dilys, the lavender Pekin - for some reason she didn't want her photo taken today!    
Cori's first egg Cori's first egg  
Cori's first egg and it's blue Another view of Cori's first egg  
Elun's egg    
Elun's first egg - olive coloured!    




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