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Alvecote Wood


Photos - before any work started

Entrance to wood Clearing from inside wood
The entrance, showing the derelict barn and fallen tree. Click here to see what happened to the fallen tree (quite a feature) when some trespassers got in and stole some of the wood. A view of the large clearing from within the wood
Trees and clearing Clearing with dead tree
Another view of the clearing View across clearing from entrance towards the horse stud adjacent
Huge old tree Big tree and undergrowth
A massive ancient oak tree in the wood A view of the dense scrub and undergrowth in the wood
Barn and entrance gate Small clearing in deeper wooded area
The derelict barn from the clearing A smaller clearing within the wood with dense undergrowth
Acorns More big oak trees
Acorns! We've got a lot of those. More large trees
Some oak saplings in the clearing  
A view of the clearing showing some saplings starting regeneration.  

December 2007

After a little bit of work has been done on the site, we have been surveying the work that needs to be done too. It's easier to see the scale of the work required during the winter, as well as being generally easier to get around the site and plan routes for paths and rides

Concrete base uncovered towards north edge of clearing The fallen tree at the entrance has now been damaged
An old concrete base was evident to the north side of the clearing - it is quite extensive now partially cleared of compost, brambles and debris The fallen tree close to the entrance has now been damaged by intruders
Damage to fallen tree - saw marks Tall brambles
Saw marks on the wood on our fallen tree - evidence of damage Tall brambles are everywhere and need extensive and repeated clearing to make paths
Rough path made with tractor through tall brambles More complete path through tall brambles
A rough path made with the tractor through the brambles - now it needs finishing off with a brush cutter using a blade and then a cord This piece of path has been completed using brush-cutters and lopping shears - but it will come back unless repeatedly cut. The brambles are up to 6 foot high here.
Six foot high brambles in clearing A large fallen branch
Six-foot high brambles - very hard to clear by hand, and certain to come back and require repeated cutting to maintain the path through A large fallen branch - a potential wildlife habitat. Fallen recently.
Tall brambles choking saplings Dense scrub and internal fence
Tall brambles are everywhere - here they invade a small clearing in the wood and are preventing saplings from regenerating Dense elder scrub around an internal fence - the fence needs removing to allow free access round the site.
The pond now full of water Spooky crab apple
Pond near the north-eastern boundary of the wood - now full of water after the winter rains. A wonderful crab apple - really spooky tree! Some of the lower branches have been cleared to allow access to the lower part of the wood.
General view of brambles Unwanted intruders
Another clearing full of brambles - again, preventing regeneration of saplings. These need trimming back. They are approximately 4 to 5 feet high. Evidence of unwanted intruders - a fire started with lighter fuel near an internal fence post, highlighting the need to make the site secure and safe.

Spring 2008

Bluebells in the wood More bluebells
A carpet of bluebells in Alvecote Wood in Spring 2008 Bluebells as far as the eye can see
More bluebells  
Yet again, more blubells - fantastic views with rape flowers in the background.  







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