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The Docsquids ACF Forum Ride - 24th June 2006

June 24th 2006, and the weather held for a fabulous ACF Forum Ride around the Tamworth area.

Here are some photos:-

1. Lunch at The Rising Sun in Shackerstone - From the left, Basil W Brush, Ed O'Brain, DS and Paul


2. Lunch again, this time from the left Shogun, Si Davies, Fungus (in front) and Frenchie (behind)


3. More lunch - we did a lot of eating :-) This time Crumbling Nick on left. From back to front on the right, Basil W Brush, Ed O'Brain and DS


3. Here's one we made earlier, especially for GruB :-) Ice cream all round. From the Right - Si Davies, Fungus, Shogun, Ed O Brain, Basil W Brush, DS, Paul and Crumbling Nick. Mr DS is taking the photo, but he also had an ice cream :-)


4. After a bit more riding, we got back to chateau Docsquid and had a BBQ. Frenchie wonders what this strange English food is, and BWB is tucking in with gusto. The cat (Sprocket) is scrounging hopefully.


5. Lots of eating going on. Paul with Mrs Paul (Suzy) and Mrs Frenchie (Erica).


6. Mr DS doing sterling duty at the BBQ cooking the excellent veggie kebabs that Crumbling Nick brought for the occasion.



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