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2007 - Blue Tits in our Nest Box

The blue tits are nesting in our box again this year, and we managed to get some photos of the parents feeding the chicks. Lets hope they all make it this year - last year the cat got one of the fledgelings :-(

UPDATE: They fledged on 30th May. When I went to London in the morning they were chirping away for their food, when I came home - silence. Checking the box a few days later, we were sorry to see that one didn't make it and had died, but I suspect that two or three others did make it, although we haven't seen the blue tits (adults or babies) around much since then, so it is difficult to say exactly how many babies they produced.

Blue Tit on Top of Nest Box

Blue Tit leaving box

Blue Tit in Tree with Food


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